Educated in beautiful Craiova, a provincial town in Southwest Romania, the same artistic environment where the great sculptor Brancuzi evolved, she continued her studies with a course in Art History at Tel Aviv University. During her 20's she appeared in a minor role in a film with Kelly Mcgillis and John Shea in Uri Barbash's film entitled 'Unsettled Land'. Since then Julia has concentrated on her art and had numerous exhibitions across 3 continents notably; Haifa-Israel, Kirkcudbright-Scotland, Soho-New York and Norwich-Norfolk. Her work ranges in style from Neo Cubism to Abstract, and has also developed her own 'mosaic art' style. She mainly uses acrylics and plaster to achieve rich textures and bright vibrant colours. About 10 years ago on a family visit to the artists village Ein Hod near Haifa she also discovered she is related to Marcel Iancu (Jancu) a famous Romanian artist who co-founded the Dadaist in 1916. This may explain her longstanding love of cubism? In 2012 she has already had a work selected for the Royal Academy of Art's Summer Exhibition with a new style of brightly coloured textured "ragged" collage. This exhibition runs from 4June -12August 12. Here are pictures and a video of of the exhibition at the RA. Click here to see Julia's exhibition in Norwich in September07